Entertain Your Kids

“Are we there yet?”, “How much longer?”, “I’m bored!”. Tired of hearing complaints during the drive? We have some options available that will allow your children to stay entertained on your long road trips.

Rear seat entertainment systems have quickly become a standard and are coming in more and more new cars, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the same great feature in your existing vehicle. Overhead monitors come in all sizes and are great for multiple passengers that are ok with watching the same video and will allow for the full second and third row of a vehicle to be able to view the screen with ease.

Video screens can also be added to the headrest and are needed if your children want to watch different videos. You know your 7 year old son doesn’t want to watch his younger sister’s Barbie DVD. So separate screens are a great way to let each child pick their own entertainment.

These new video sources are also able to be hooked up to their favorite game systems to play during these trips. We even have the ability to add a wifi network in your vehicle that will allow you to stream to the video screen directly from your smart phone so that you have full control from the front seat.

Come by the shop and we can discuss what kind of video options will work best for your situation.