Improve Your Sound

Improve Your Sound – Speakers

One of the best things that can be done to get better sound from any stereo system is to upgrade the speakers. A car is far from the perfect environment for a good stereo system. Factory speakers lack the technology that quality aftermarket speakers have, and the speaker location is normally the last thing on an automotive engineer’s mind. In order to get higher performance and better clarity, aftermarket speakers (installed properly) are the only way to go.

A good aftermarket speaker will be louder and clearer, even with your factory radio. Speaker technology has come a long way and quality speakers do not have to cost a lot. The installation is what matters the most: the stronger the speaker’s mounting surface, the better the sound. Special materials can be used to get the most out of your speaker upgrade with less road noise so you get more of the music that you want to hear.


Improve Your Sound – Amplifiers

When a customer says they aren’t happy with their car’s sound, they usually mean they want it louder. The limitation with factory radios is power, and more power normally gets our customers what they want.

Today’s factory radios don’t always have to be replaced and often come with very good features, especially if Navigation and/or Satellite radio are built-in. Adding an amplifier will produce more volume with less distortion and better overall sound quality. We can add amplifiers or high-end processors to get the quality sound that you want without swapping out that existing radio and losing the factory look and functionality.


Improve Your Sound – Subwoofers

Subwoofers can be a touchy subject with some people. Most people associate subwoofers with loud, boomy bass and rattling cars. That is not the way it’s supposed to be! For good quality sound reproduction, which is our preference at NET Audio, a subwoofer is a must. All that is typically needed is a single 8” or 10” sub and a few hundred watts to make all the difference in your stereo’s sound performance. A properly designed and installed subwoofer should blend into the background and all disappear with the music.

A sub is more than a single speaker, it is really about the subwoofer system. A subwoofer should be tuned and dedicated to one purpose: playing the absolute lowest frequencies in the audio spectrum. That means it is critical that the sub is installed properly for it to perform at its fullest. The proper sub box and placement in your vehicle make all the difference in the world as to how that sub is going to perform with your system! The type of subwoofer enclosure greatly changes the sound, so it should be customized to the type of music you listen to and the type of sound you enjoy.

Sometimes certain challenges come about from the vehicle’s space limitations. NET Audio takes pride in guaranteeing your subwoofer system looks like it belongs in your vehicle, and is secure while still sounding great.

Let us show you a demonstration of the difference in the way your music sounds with and without a sub, and you will easily see the importance it makes in your music listening experience!