Light Your Way

Lighting has become a very popular accessory and seems to be getting more popular every day. NET Audio is a lighting expert, and will work with you to create the styling and effects you have always wanted. We are specialists in automotive electrical wiring, and our installation standards meet or exceed that of the vehicle manufacturer, so you are assured years of trouble-free use.

LED and HID lighting has taken the automotive industry by storm. This technology allows for incredible light output with low current draw compared to traditional incandescent lighting. The better systems will also outlast the life of your vehicle, so replacing bulbs will become a distant memory. One of the things we like best about this new technology is the many different forms available for you:

LED Light Bars

LED light bars will transform the look of your vehicle, and they come in lengths from 4” to 54”, in both straight and curved styles. For popular vehicles, we have mounting options such as the front bumper, grille, hood and even top of the windshield. NET Audio has a full fabrication facility in-house, so if someone does not make a mount for a light, we can often make it for you. These light bars work great on trucks and UTVs, for work and play.


LED Fog Lights

Due to their poor performance, factory fog lights are mostly just for show, but our replacement LED fog light kits will give you superior output while fitting in the stock locations. We also have LED bulb kits for many fog lights as well, in case a replacement unit is not available.

LED Auxiliary Lights

If you like round or square lights instead of light bars, we have you covered as well. Plus, we have LED lighting for your rear bumper that can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted, for use as high-output reverse lights!


LED Headlights

LED headlights are starting to become popular. If your vehicle has replacement round headlights, you are in luck. We have DOT-approved LED headlight kits that will give you incredible improvements in night-time visibility while transforming the look of the front of your vehicle. If you own a Jeep, these are a perfect fit right out of the box. If we don’t have replacement headlights available, we offer LED headlight bulbs that will work in many popular vehicles. While you’re at it, ask us about replacement reverse light bulbs in LED. They offer you a simple yet effective way to see better at night.

Over the last few years, more and more manufacturers have gotten into LED lighting. Unfortunately, that also means that some of the products are low quality and won’t meet the standards of NET Audio. We spend a lot of time wading through the sea of products available to find you the best-value, highest-performing LED lighting available.

HID Lighting

HID lighting has been popular for over a decade. It stands for high-intensity discharge. In simple terms, HID lighting uses a ballast to raise the voltage from 12 volts to the several thousand volts needed to fire the gas in these bulbs. They have greatly increased output while giving you color that is much whiter – a lot like sunlight. This gives you much better visibility at night, and your headlights no longer have a yellowish look when illuminated. You will now have a white light with a hint of blue that looks incredible. We have this technology available for both headlights and fog lights for most popular vehicles.

NET Audio would like to note that lots of HID kits are lousy in quality, but we only sell and install the finest kits available. We also have installation standards that ensure better reliability. We see many kits that have ballasts that are not mounted, with wiring that is just strewn around the engine compartment that can lead to premature failure. Our installations will make you think they came factory-equipped.


Interior Accent Lighting

Interior accent lighting is another area where we can help you transform your vehicle. We love installing lighting in colors that accent the interior of your vehicle. From foot wells to center consoles to under the seats to replacement interior lights, we have you covered.


Marine Lighting

If you own a boat, we didn’t forget about you. We have accent lighting to give your boat a classy look at night while allowing you to move around safely. Whether you are looking to illuminate the cabin, the dock as you approach or the wake you leave behind, we have high-quality products and even better installation standards for you and your boat.

Work Lighting

Lastly, if you own a work vehicle that you use outside at night, we can install lighting for you to make those night-time projects much more efficient and safe. After all, your livelihood depends on your ability to see your work environment as if the sun were in the sky … we come in a close second! We can do lights in your bumper, in the bed or up high on the roof in order to get you the lighting that you need.

We invite you to stop by NET Audio with your vehicle. Let us give you a tour of our facility and show you some of our current projects and all of our capabilities. If you care about your vehicle and want to make it stand out from the crowd, our team of award-winning installers is ready and waiting to serve you.