Play Your Music

Play Your Music – iPod and Aux

Many vehicles today are still lacking iPod and Smart Phone connectivity. While some new cars come with an AUX jack on the front of the radio for flexibility, many vehicles have the capability of adding iPod control to the factory radio so that the existing radio buttons can control the iPod.
No more cords hanging off of the dash, no more iPod battery dying while on a road trip, and no more wireless FM transmitters that never work! You can still use your factory steering wheel controls to control the iPod, you’ll have better sound, and you’ll eliminate those messy cables hanging all over your dash. This means you get to play the music that you want to hear in your own car.

Play Your Music – Satellite Radio

When satellite radio hit on the market about 15 years ago it opened the door to new radio options that previously had not existed. Imagine driving across the country and never having to change the channel? Being able to go anywhere and always knowing what you can listen to and get your favorite types of music and news.
Many new cars have the capability to control satellite radio through the factory radio, and can be combined with iPod or Bluetooth add-on units. Some cars do require some sort of add-on tuner that is mounted externally on the dash in order to add satellite. If that is the case it can be done with minimal wires and be as unobtrusive as possible. There are also many options that allow us to add satellite radio to your factory radio and eliminate the need of the dash-mounted satellite radio tuners. This makes for a better sound and a much cleaner look to your dash. Let us know what is wanted and we can get the best package for your application.


Play Your Music – Bluetooth Audio

Bluetooth Audio has come a very long way since it was first introduced. It is quickly becoming the standard in music playback in the car or home. Many newer cars are coming with AUX or USB connections, but you still have cables in the way, hanging all over the dash, or shorting and losing connection.
Bluetooth Audio now is at full resolution so that there is no loss of music quality and you get the same great sound from streaming your music as you do from it being directly plugged in to your radio. There are many ways to add Bluetooth Audio to your radio and there are options that will work with every car and every budget.