09-19 Dodge Ram Crew Cab Seat Spacers 60/40


09-19 Dodge Ram Crew Cab Seat Spacers 60/40

These Dodge Ram Crew Cab Seat Spacers fit the 09-19 Dodge Ram Crew Cabs with a 60/40 split back seat. These spacers allow the use of the NET Audio Tall Boxes and lift the seat 1 1/2″, which allow more mounting depth and airspace for the box. They can also be used for our Low Boxes if you just wish to have more clearance between the subs and the bottom of the seats. Once installed, the spacers will also allow the back seat to fold down so that you can access your amps on the back wall.

For installation, remove the 8 bolts that are holding your back seat to the floor, lift the seat, slide in our spacers and bolt it in place with the provided bolts.

The spacers are made from MDF and covered in black trunk liner and once installed blend in with the floor and look like nothing has been done. This kit includes 2 outside spacers and the center spacer for the center 60/40 bracket and 8 longer bolts and washers.

This kit will not work with the Dodge Ram Quad Cabs, the spacers are longer and the holes will not line up. Please check out our spacer kits for the Quad Cab trucks for those.


Crew Cab Dodge Ram trucks have cargo bins under the rear seat floor mats. The Quad Cab Dodge Ram trucks do not.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 6 in