2009-12 Dodge Ram Radio T-Harness 6-Channel Line-out Converter


2009-12 Dodge Ram Radio T-Harness 6-Channel Line-out Converter

I have been selling and installing audio equipment for over 15 years and one of my rules for installing is to do as much of the prep outside of the vehicle. The less time in the vehicle, the less of a risk you have of damaging something and it generally makes it faster since working at a bench is better than an awkward position in the vehicle. This is one of the main reasons we wanted these T-harnesses for our Dodge Ram customers.

This is a Dodge Ram Radio T-Harness plug-n-play harness for behind the radio of the 2009-12 Ram Pickups. Other than installation simplicity, it also keeps you from cutting up the wiring behind your brand new truck.

If you are installing a 4-channel or 5-channel amplifier, or a multi-channel processor, then this is what you need. If the radio doesn’t see a speaker, or a load, then it will turn off the output of that channel. Meaning, you can do the best and prettiest install, but if the radio doesn’t see a “speaker”, then there won’t be any sound. This harness comes with the load resistors pre-installed on the harness, so your signal will be taken care of. We also add a foot of speaker wire to make adding your own wiring a bit easier.

There are many different ways to use this wiring harness. You can tap on and just add a line out converter to add a subwoofer, or add a couple to run your whole system. You can just take the signal from the radio itself and run it to a processor or line-driver closer to the amplifiers or feed it high level directly into the amp for your audio signal. Then, you can run your wires back from the amplifier to your speakers running the audio back through the factory speaker wiring. Lots of options and flexibility, it all depends on your systems needs.

The harness will come to you as a T-harness with all the speaker wires cut in half and wrapped in cloth factory tape for you to connect to your signal interface and to your amplifier. If you are wanting to do something else with it, feel free to let us know so we can make it a little more tailored to what you need.

We can also do the wiring modifications for you. If you want us to add line-out converters or wiring, we can make this harness a full plug-n-play setup. Those options will be coming, and we will be adding them in later.

If you have the Alpine system, there is a better solution. AP4-CH21

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 3 in