2012-20 Dodge Charger Alpine / Beats Subwoofer Plug


2012-20 Dodge Charger Alpine / Beats Subwoofer Plug

This is an adapter for the 12-up Dodge Charger Alpine / Beats System. I’ve wanted to make this adapter for a long time and finally tracked down all the parts to do it.

Customers always worry about cutting into the wiring of their brand new trucks, and I get that completely! And that’s exactly what this piece allows you to do.

We will have a few different variations of this part and this is it at it’s most basic. It is a simple 4-pin plug that connects to the stock subwoofer plug. Simply unbolt the stock Alpine Subwoofer from under the back seat, unplug the connector on the bottom of the plastic enclosure and plug ours in. It’s that easy. The harness comes with around 18″ of speaker wire and their are color coded with standard wire color codes to make your installation easy.

Now, where it can get tricky depends on what you are wanting to do with it. The way the stock system works, if the Alpine / Beats Amplifier sees something that it doesn’t like, it will turn off those channels and it will not put out signal. So by you unplugging the factory subwoofer, it turned off those channels. To keep the output working, you need to use something for it to think that there is still a speaker there. The line out converters that we use from PAC have the load resistors built into them so that the amplifier will still work like normal. If you are going to feed the subwoofer signal straight into a signal processor, summing device, or DSP, you will most likely need to add load resistors or something to keep the amp turned on. If you have questions on what you need, feel free to contact us.

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