2012-20 Dodge Charger Alpine Subwoofer Processor AudioControl LC2i


2012-20 Dodge Charger Alpine Subwoofer Processor AudioControl LC2i

This is a Dodge Charger Alpine Subwoofer Processor for the 12-up Dodge Charger Alpine System. I’ve wanted to make this adapter for a long time and finally tracked down all the parts to do it.

Customers always worry about cutting into the wiring of their brand new trucks, and I get that completely! And that’s exactly what this piece allows you to do.

This is one of the more plug-n-play options that we have. This uses our regular Dodge Ram Alpine System Subwoofer Plug, found here, and has a AudioControl LC2i Line Output Converter wired up to it.

Simply unbolt the stock Alpine Subwoofer from under the back seat, unplug the connector on the bottom of the plastic enclosure and plug ours in. The wiring harness has around 18″ of slack on the subwoofer wires going to the AudioControl converter. There are also extensions for the power, ground and remote out wires. The wiring is long enough that you should be able to mount the converter on the rear wall with your amplifier.

What this kit does it allow you to plug into the Alpine Subwoofer plug for signal. Then, wire the yellow power wire and black ground wire up at your amplifier. The when the LC2i sees an audio signal it will create the remote turn on signal telling your amplifier to come on. Connect your RCAs from the LC2i Subwoofer outputs to your amp and you are good to go. Clean and simple. And the AudioControl LC2i still needs the load resistors, so they come wired up in our harness, so you don’t have to worry about the signal from the factory amp turning off.

The AudioControl LC2i has a few benefits over a traditional Line Output Converter. First, it is also a line driver. That means that it is amplifying the RCA signal that comes out of it. The larger the signal the less gain your amp needs and the better it rejects electrical noise from getting into the signal. Second is AudioControls AccuBass. The Alpine System has what is called an active EQ, meaning the EQ changes up and down as you turn it up. This allows them to protect their speakers and tries to keep you from blowing them. AccuBass gives you the ability to compensate for that and to make the bass sound the way that you expect it to.

All connections are soldered for the best connection reliability and the whole harness is finished off if factory matching cloth tape.

If you have questions about if this is what you need, feel free to contact us.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in