2014-up Toyota Tundra Double Cab Sub Box Downfire Single Passenger Side Sealed


2014-up Toyota Tundra Double Cab Sub Box Downfire Single Passenger Side Sealed

­This is the 2014-up Toyota Tundra Double Cab Sub Box for under the back seat. ­The 2014-up Toyota Tundra Double Cab trucks are completely limited on space for a stereo system. The only usable space for a subwoofer is under the rear seat and shallow mount subs are a must because of the limited space. Even with shallow subs airspace is limited. This design uses a single 10” or 12” subs with a total airspace of 0.5cuft but the mounting depth is only 5” with my metal back plates, and only 4 1/4″ with out the metal back plates, so few traditional subs and even certain shallow subs still won’t fit. Most company’s try to save space by using thinner wood which makes a weaker box which is a no-no in my book, better box better bass! I’ve seen this box made and sold using 1/2” MDF with 1/8” wood extension plates and of course it failed and rattled terribly. This box uses every last square inch of available airspace with full 3/4″ construction and the steel backing plate standard on the back of the box to get the most mounting depth possible.

This box fits under the passenger side rear seat in front of the floor jack. It is .5cuft which is perfect for most shallow mount 10” subs and it lets you keep the space under the 60% side for storage. No one else has a sub option like that. Let me know what you want and what sub so that I can make sure it will fit for you.

This is a sealed subwoofer box. A sealed subwoofer box has a tight and punchy bass that is more articulate and more true to the music with a more natural sound. For customers who want louder deeper bass with the lower bass more pronounced. Because of the ported design, the bass will not be as tight and punchy, but there is double the bass of a sealed box with the same subs. If big bass is what you want then our ported box will be what you want.

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Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 17.25 × 8 in
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