2019 Ram 5th Gen Crew Cab 2500/3500 HD Sub Box Dual Tall Ported Stage 2


2019 Ram 5th Gen Crew Cab 2500/3500 HD Sub Box Dual Tall Ported Stage 2

You have been asking for it, so we’ve come up with a Dual Subwoofer design for our Dodge Rams that performs the way that we expect them to.

We’ve listened to our customers and what they say about other boxes on the market, and everyone says the same thing, there doesn’t seem to be any deep bass. And the answer is simple, they are trying to force something to work in a space that is too small. If we build a ported box, we prefer more deep bass than overall output. The way a good ported box is expected to sound.

This box is a total of 2.2cuft of airspace, with two ports and tuned at 35hz. It works great with most 10s or we can do a single 12″ sub. There just isn’t enough airspace to do two 12s ported any justice in this space.

This box will only fit the 09-up Crew Cab turcks and will not fit any of the Quad Cabs. Sorry guys, the ports get in the way of the center seat belt.

We started building our Dodge Ram sub boxes around 2006 because of the lack of high quality solutions that we saw on the market. With our local success of our boxes, we decided to sell them online in 2010 and we haven’t been able to keep up since. We have shipped our Dodge Ram subwoofer boxes all over North American, including Hawaii and Alaska, a ton of them to Canada, and even recently shipped one all the way to Norway. The quality speaks for itself and in all the years we have been shipping these we have never had to warranty one.

This is the Dual Tall version of our 2009-up Dodge Ram Crew Cab sub box. This is the full width subwoofer box version for this truck and takes up the entire cargo space under the rear seat. This version of the box does require the rear seat to be lifted and comes with the required seat spacers. Installation does require the removal of the fold out cargo trays or the hard storage compartment covers for the box to drop into place.

The Dual Tall boxes have 2.2cuft total of airspace and share airspace with a brace in the middle. We used to do the subs in separate airspace but the odd and irregular bottom of the box made it difficult to make the subs airspace exactly the same. We found that sharing the airspace made them perform much better. On the Tall Boxes we include nickle plated spring loaded speaker terminals on the back of the box behind each woofer.

Mounting depth on these boxes is around 9″ for 10s and 8.25″ for 12s. All measurements are based off of a 6″ diameter magnet. The depth doesn’t change for a 10, but with 12s, they hit the sloped back wall of the box if the magnet is too big. For example, a sub 12″ sub with a 7″ magnet may only be able to be around 7.5″ deep, where a 5″ magnet sub could be 8.75″.

When ordered, please let us know if your truck has the split 60/40 rear seat or if it is a single bench seat.

This is one of our new Stage 2 Trim Enclosures. Stage 2 Enclosures include your choice in carpet color, vinyl top color, and your choice of Ram emblem. Either the Ram shield or RAM letters, chrome of black. It is purely a cosmetic upgrade. The rest of the enclosure features and options remain the same.

Also let us know the year model and carpet color description as there are different colors available depending on the year of the truck. We have good matches for all carpet colors except for the Chocolate Brown that is being used on the newer Rams. Every dark brown we have is a terrible match and we don’t want to ship out something that does not look good. We usually do either a tan to match the bottom of the seat or just do black.

And please include the type of sub being used so that we can make sure it will fit before it is built and so that the hole cut for the subwoofer is the correct size.

These boxes do require a 1.5″ seat lift and the kits are included with the Tall Boxes. Please select the options for your specific truck so that we can ship out the correct parts that you need. The seat lift does retain full functionality of the rear seat and still allows the seat back to lock into place. If the seat is raised more than 1.5″ the seat back will not function properly.

Crew Cab Dodge Ram trucks have cargo bins under the rear seat floor mats. The Quad Cab Dodge Ram trucks do not.

This is a ported subwoofer enclosure. Ported subwoofer enclosures are for customers who want louder, deeper bass with the lower bass more pronounced. Because of the ported design, the bass will not be as tight and punchy as a sealed box, but there is typically double the bass of a sealed box with the same subs and power. A sealed subwoofer box has a tight and punchy bass that is more articulate and more true to the music with a more natural sound. If tight, punchy bass is what you want then our sealed designs will be what you want.

This design is for maximum airspace and the airspace of the box can be reduced if desired. Our ported boxes are designed according to your subwoofer’s specifications. No two boxes will really be alike. At checkout, there is a “Comment” box, please give us the model number of your subs and we will build the enclosure as needed. We tend to tune our boxes low, around 34-37hz. If you have any specific requests, please feel free to let us know.

All of our Ram Boxes are built by hand on order. Each box is build to your specific needs and finished as specified to match your interior and your subwoofers.

Made in America with American materials. Nothing but the best!

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