2019-up Dodge Ram 5th Gen 1500 Subwoofer Converter for Harman Kardon System


2019-up Dodge Ram Radio Subwoofer Converter for Harman Kardon System

I have been selling and installing audio equipment for over 15 years and one of my rules for installing is to do as much of the prep outside of the vehicle. The less time in the vehicle, the less of a risk you have of damaging something and it generally makes it faster since working at a bench is better than an awkward position in the vehicle. This is one of the main reasons we wanted these T-harnesses for our Dodge Ram customers.

This is a 2019-up Dodge Ram Subwoofer Converter for the Harman Kardon Sound System. This is a plug-n-play subwoofer harness for plugging into the factory subwoofer connector at the rear of the truck and is connected to a line out converter to give you RCA signal and the remote turn on wire for your new subwoofer amplifier. The line out converter does need power and ground, but you can get that at your new amplifier where you make your connections. Then it will make your remote turn on for your new amp. Plus, this comes with a plug-in harness that you install at the factory amplifier under the Driver Front seat to bypass the ANC system. Other than installation simplicity, it also keeps you from cutting up the wiring behind your brand new truck.

This harness fits 2019-up 5th Gen Rams with the Harman Kardon sound system. This does not work with the base audio or Alpine audio packages.

Now, since this is catching the signal after the factory amplifier has molested it, there is a slightly different way to tune the amplifier. The factory signal is crossed over at around 30-80ish-hz. So there is no need to set your crossover or subsonic filter on your new subwoofer amp. If you can’t disable them completely, turn the Low Pass filter, or LPF, to the largest number. And for the Subsonic filter, if it can’t be turned off, turn it to the smallest number. The reason for this is your new amplifier has analog crossovers that are designed to be fed wide frequency range and then the bits inside will let the crossovers work as designed. Since this is being fed by the limited frequency range, it is better to just use the factory processing.

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