2019-up Ram 5th Gen Crew Cab 1500 Behind the Seat Audio Package


2019-up Ram 5th Gen Crew Cab 1500 Behind the Seat Audio Package

With all of our discussions with customers and interactions on the forums and social media groups, we heard a lot of customers who were wanting to upgrade their audio system, add some bass, but they really didn’t want to loose their cargo space under the back seat. So we did some head scratching and came up with what we think is a fantastic solution.

Until now, if you wanted behind the seat bass, your options were to find just the right woofer that fit inside the factory subwoofer enclosure, which there aren’t many, or slip one of the all in one sub-amp-enclosure combinations back there, but neither of those options are anything exciting. What we developed is using some of our favorite products in one plug-n-play package that will deliver fantastic output, without sacrificing audio quality. Because of how this has been developed, it will only be sold as loaded packages with the sub, amp and wiring kit included. We will not be selling the enclosure by itself. This enclosure was developed with these two woofers in mind.

The enclosure was designed to bolt into the truck behind the Passenger Back seat where the factory subwoofer would sit. We supply aluminum brackets and new hardware to secure it to the truck using factory mounting locations.

This fits all packages of 5th Gen Ram 1500 Crew Cabs. With and without reclining seats, with eTorque, and with or without the factory subwoofers. THIS WILL NOT FIT ANY QUAD CABS.

All of the packages will include the enclosure, subwoofer, amplifier or amplifiers, the necessary audio interface for your factory audio package, the battery cable for power and our bolt-in fuse block for next to the battery. This is a complete plug-n-play package that will be pre-wired for your application.

There is a list of options, so let’s work our way down:

Subwoofer Choice – The Audison APS10D is one of our favorite subwoofers that we use on customer’s vehicles all the time. It works fantastically in small sealed enclosures, has a full and rich tone to it and is very musical. This is a higher-end and more sound quality focused woofer. The SPC-10S2 is a robust little sub that works great in small enclosures, and has a more pronounced deep bass but is still a very solid and good sounding woofer, just not as detailed as the Audison.

Sealed or Ported – Sealed is not as loud, but delivers tight, punchy and more musical bass. If you listen to a broad mix of music types, this is probably the way you want to go. Ported is louder and boomier. If you like deeper bass, or just want the most bass you can get from this space, you will want the ported enclosure. Because of the small space we are working with, the ported response of this enclosure is a bit different between the two subwoofer options we are giving you. The AudioControl woofer is louder on the deeper bass, giving it a full, fat bottom end. The Audison in the ported enclosure has a more musical frequency response with the same response as the sealed enclosure, just overall louder. So it will be more linear and accurate than the AudioControl woofer, which has a fatter and more pronounced bottom end.

Factory Audio – In these new Rams, there are four different audio packages: Base Audio with no ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), Base with ANC, Alpine and Harman Kardon. The Base audio system will have no branding and will have only 2 microphones in the headliner. The system with ANC will have no branding but will now have 6 microphones in the headliner. Alpine and Harman Kardon will have branding on the interior of the truck, will have 6 microphones in the headliner along with extra speakers in the rear headliner, and a factory subwoofer behind the Passenger back seat. You will need to select the correct option for your truck in order to be able to easily install this equipment into your truck.

Amplifiers – We will exclusively be using Wavtech link500.1mini and link300.4mini amplifiers for these audio integration installations, and we like them for many reasons. For just adding bass, all packages will come with the link500.1mini amplifier. It will give us 500w RMS to our subwoofer and has a ton of good features to make integrating with the factory system and tuning for the customer easy. For signal, the amplifier has load resistance built into it, so when we feed your truck’s audio signal into the new amplifier, it will give the load necessary back to your factory amplifier to keep it happy and working as it should. It has clipping indicators that make tuning and setting the gain super straight forward giving you a visual indicator that the amplifier is distorting. It also has a fully variable subwoofer bass EQ built into that will allow us to help tailor the bass output to your needs and to compensate for the factory audio signal.

For those who want to add more volume and control to the rest of the sound system, we have the link300.4mini 4-channel amplifier that will really wake up the factory speakers. Yes, the factory speakers! It is a common complaint that these trucks seem to “peak” in volume around 20, so by adding an amplifier, it gives us way more control over what the sound system does. With the built in crossovers, we can block the deep bass from the factory speakers and can set the gain to limit power and distortion, but will give you WAY more volume and clarity. It will honestly surprise you what the factory speakers are capable of. Plus, if you do want to upgrade the speakers, then this gives you a super solid foundation to power them up.

We have had a lot of customers asking so it needs to be addressed. This package with the 4-channel amp is intended for the Base and ANC audio packages. It can be done with the Alpine and Harman systems but it is a lot more involved since they are much more involved systems. Please contact us if this is something you are wanting to do and we can go more in depth with you about it.

In short, if your truck has factory Alpine or Harman Kardon, you will remove your back seat, unplug and unbolt your factory subwoofer enclosure, bolt ours in place, plug our audio plug into your factory subwoofer plug, ground the amplifier and run power back to the battery. That is it. Even for a novice DIY-er, this should be a couple of hour installation at most. Even with the ANC system, the audio harness goes under the Driver Seat on the way to the battery, still plug-n-play. No removal of the radio is necessary.

All of our Ram Boxes are built by hand on order. Each box is build to your specific needs and finished as specified to match your interior and your subwoofers.

Made in America with American materials. Nothing but the best!

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