Rock Your Boat

Stereo systems in boats (or even SeaDoos!) pose their own list of challenges that need to be overcome for great sound. With an open air environment, the easiest way to get volume is with more power and more speakers. NET Audio has a few different product lines that are Marine certified so you know your investment will last in that environment. Car audio products will work, but since their materials aren’t optimized for the harsh outdoor and wet environment of boats, it is better to use something that has been tested to excel under those conditions.

Marine speakers, amps, radios and subwoofers can really change your boating experience. If we can do it to cars, then we can do it to your boat or other watercraft. From a simple radio and speaker swap to full-on custom installations and subwoofer enclosures, let us know what we can do to take your weekend at the lake to the next level!