The easiest way to get better sound from a factory system is to add an amplifier. Today’s factory radios don’t always have to be replaced and often come with very good features, especially if Navigation and/or Satellite radio are built-in. Adding an amplifier to the factory radio (with new speakers or even with the factory speakers), will give more volume with less distortion and better overall sound quality. The limitation with factory radios is power, and more power normally gets our customers what they want. We can add amplifiers for to high-end processors to get the quality sound that you want without having to swap out that existing radio and loosing the factory look and functionality.

Remote starts are very popular in areas where it gets below freezing for more than two months of the year, but here in Texas they are handy during the summer months to help cool the car off before you and your kids (or wife!) get in. Another great use for Diesel and other turbo-charged vehicles, a remote start can be used as a turbo cool-down timer.

Vehicle security is also a very important feature to keep in mind, especially if any sort of upgrades have been made to your vehicle. Most vehicles from the factory do not have security systems even if they have keyless entry, and if they do have security it is typically the bare minimum. Aftermarket car alarms will protect the doors, trunk, ignition, and hood, and will have an impact sensor that can even detect breaking glass or if the vehicle is being lifted up. The biggest part of any security system is the installation. At NET Audio we go to great lengths to make sure that the installation of every security system is done to the highest standards. All connections are soldered and the system is concealed so that any would-be thieves will not be able to see the security system under the dash and disable it. After market security is the best investment you can make on your vehicle and it needs to be done correctly for it to work to the fullest.

One feature that many vehicles are still missing out on from the factory is hands-free phone/Bluetooth/iPod connectivity. Hands-free phone is quickly becoming mandatory and is a major safety concern. With a hands-free Bluetooth phone kit, fumbling for your ringing phone while driving becomes a thing of the past. Many Bluetooth phone kits also allow hands free calling with voice commands and phone book transfers to the unit.

Many vehicles are also lacking iPod connectivity. While some new cars come with an AUX jack on the front of the radio for flexibility, many vehicles have the capability of adding iPod control to the factory radio so that the existing controls can control the iPod. This means no more cords hanging off of the dash, no more iPod battery dying while on a road trip, and no more wireless FM transmitters that never work. You can still use your factory steering wheel controls to control the iPod, you’ll have better sound, and you’ll eliminate those messy cables hanging all over your dash. Some Bluetooth systems will even allow audio from your phone or MP3 player to play through the stereo system wirelessly. With this function, not only is your music library available, but so is Pandora or other internet radio services, all through your factory radio!

When satellite radio came on the market about 10 years ago it opened the door to all sorts of new radio options that previously had not existed. Imagine driving across the country and never having to change the channel? Being able to go anywhere and always knowing what you can listen to and get your favorite types of music and news. Many new cars have the capability to control satellite radio through the factory radio, and can be combined with iPod or Bluetooth units. Some cars do require some sort of add-on tuner that is mounted externally on the dash in order to add satellite. If that is the case it can be done with minimal wires and be as unobtrusive as possible. Let us know what is wanted and we can get the best package for your application.

One of the best things that can be done to get better sound from any stereo system, whether factory of aftermarket, is upgrade the speakers. The car is far from the perfect environment for a good stereo system. Factory speakers are lacking in the technology that good quality aftermarket speakers have, and the speaker location is normally the last thing on an engineer’s mind. In order to get higher performance and better clarity, good quality aftermarket speakers (when installed properly) are the only way to go. A good aftermarket speaker will be louder and clearer than the stock ones, even with your factory radio. Speaker technology has come a long way and good quality speakers do not have to cost an arm and a leg. As with anything car audio related, the installation is what matters the most. The stronger the mounting surface for the speaker, the better it’s going to sound. Special materials can be used in order to get the most out of your speaker upgrade with less vibrations and road noise to get you more music.

Subwoofers can be a touchy subject with most people. When customers come in wanting a serious upgrade in sound, once a subwoofer is mentioned some shy away from it. Most people associate subwoofers with loud, boomy bass and rattling cars. That is not the way it has to be. For good quality sound reproduction, which is our preference at NET Audio, a subwoofer is a must. All that is typically needed is a single 8” or 10” sub and a few hundred watts to make all the difference in the way your stereo sounds.

A properly designed and installed subwoofer should blend into the background and all but disappear with the music. A sub is more than a speaker, it is really a subwoofer system. A subwoofer should be set up to be dedicated to doing nothing but playing the absolute lowest frequencies in the audio spectrum. That means it is that much more important that the sub is installed properly for it to do what it is intended to do and perform an its fullest. The proper sub box and placement in your vehicle make all the difference in the world as to how that sub is going to perform and sound in your car. The type of enclosure the sub is in greatly changes the way the speaker sounds, so it should be designed for the type of music you listen to and the type of sound you enjoy. Sometimes certain challenges come about from the vehicle’s space limitations. Then it is that much more important to make sure that the subwoofer looks like it belongs and is secure while still sounding great.

Let us show you a demonstration of the difference in the way your music sounds with and without a sub, and you will easily see the importance it makes in your music listening experience.

Custom fabrication is one of our many specialties so if you have anything that needs to be made for your car, home, or business, feel free to let us know and we can get it taken care of for you.

Stereo systems in boats (or even SeaDoos!) pose their own list of challenges that need to be overcome for great sound. With an open air environment, the easiest way to get volume is with more power and more speakers. Two of NET Audio’s product lines have a very good list of products that are Marine certified so you know your investment will last in that environment. Car audio products will work, but since their materials aren’t optimized for the harsh outdoor and wet environment of boats, it is better to use something that has been tested to excel under those conditions. Marine speakers, amps, radios and subwoofers can really change your boating experience. If we can do it to cars, then we can do it to your boat or other watercraft. From a simple radio and speaker swap to full-on custom installations and subwoofer enclosures, let us know what we can do to take your weekend at the lake to the next level!

At NET Audio we are not limited to just doing stereo work. If you have other ideas that you want done to your vehicle, feel free to ask about your options. From HIDs, interior LEDs and lighting, suspension mods, cold air intakes and basic performance upgrades, powder coating, and pretty much anything you can think of- we can get taken care of for you. Feel free to ask and if we think it is out of our expertise, we have a list of trusted professionals that we can refer you to.


All installs are done as if the vehicles were our own. Every install goes through a Pre-Check and a Post-Check list insuring that the vehicle leaves us the way it came in.