At NET Audio, we take pride in all the products that we build. Our sub boxes are what we’ve come to be known for – we have sold boxes all over Texas, the U.S., and even internationally!

The NET Audio Difference

Typically, subwoofer boxes from online dealers are all the same mass-produced products with a different brand name slapped on it. These boxes are built to give you, the consumer, an “economical” product option. They are built with thin, cheap materials and quick construction methods. I’ve stopped keeping track of the business I’ve gotten from people blowing seams and joints on these inferior boxes and coming to me for a better solution.

At NET Audio each box is handmade to order out of the best materials and with the attention to detail that we are known for. All boxes are 3/4” MDF for all surfaces (unless a rear extension is needed for mounting depth and then it is as small as possible with 1/2” MDF, not 1/8” like some manufacturers have started doing). Additionally we use metal backing plates for rear clearance and our new fiberglass pockets for certain applications. We typically brace the boxes internally and for really high powered subs we make the face of the box 1-1/2″ thick if allowable. All the joints on these boxes are glued with superior wood glue to get the best and strongest joint possible, then nailed with 2” nails, and fully caulked inside. The edges of the boxes are then sanded and rounded over to give the box a smoother look and to help keep the edges of the box from getting damaged while in use. In all our years of doing this, we have only had one customer ever bring back a box with a blown seam, which was easily repaired and is back on the road. Our track record speaks for itself!

Need Something Custom?

All NET Audio boxes are designed in CAD for future use and that is where our product list comes from. If there is something you don’t see in the lists below or along the left-hand column, or you need a custom variation of one of our products, give us a call and we’ll work up a custom quote for you. Our boxes are fully custom-built and are made per order, so feel free to ask questions or make special requests.