Do I want a Sealed or Ported box?

This is a complicated question, and a question that I can’t answer for you, but I can try and point you in the right direction, so I will try and keep this as straight forward as possible.

There are two main boxes that we deal with hear, sealed or ported enclosures. A sealed box is the simplest design and sound wise they are the most musical. They will sound tight and punchy but will still have the ability to play deep bass very cleanly. If you listen to a broad mix of musical styles, I personally recommend a sealed box so that the bass is more equal as you go from genre to genre. If you after musical precision and accurate bass, then you will want a sealed box.

A ported box on the other had, will deliver more deep bass and generally have a boomier overall sound. If you listen to more bass heavy music, then you will probably want ported. If you want the loudest thing you can and like to piss old people off, then you definitely want ported. But ported boxes, compared to sealed boxes, are going to be way bigger, generally almost twice as big. So in some cases, what you may want, may not be able to fit. So in cases like that, get with us and we can give you some recommendations.

Now some vehicles, really work best with ported boxes because of the acoustics of the vehicle. Jeeps for example. Any vehicle that is a soft top, like Jeeps and Convertibles, really work better with ported boxes. Sealed boxes rely on the small space that the cabin of a car creates, where ported boxes shine with more air around them. They still work great in a cabin and that just makes it even louder, but with an open air environment like a Jeep, a ported box will help get you output when the top and the doors are off.

So, which is for you? Unfortunately I can’t tell you that. I would recommend listening to friends vehicles and seeing what they have or stop by your local audio shops and listen to their displays. It really all is a preference in sound. I can tell you what you “should want”, but if it isn’t what you like, then we didn’t do our job. The audio purists and old school audio guys will tell you that if you listen to country and rock, then you want a sealed box and 10s. If you listen to rap, then you want ported 12s. But personally, I prefer listening to metal with a big ported box because I like the way it makes the subs sound. I am ok with loosing a little punch for the boom that it gives the kick drum. It really is a preference on what sound you like. I can point you in the general direction, but the end choice really comes down to what you like.