Will my subwoofers fit inside this box?

This has to be the second most frequently asked question that we get. We try very hard to list all the information you need to tell if your subwoofers will work in our boxes. We list mounting depth and the internal airspace of all of our boxes so that you can tell if our enclosures will work with your equipment.

Airspace is listed as the entire enclosure’s internal airspace. That way, we can choose 1, 2, 3 or even 4 subs in that same airspace. Then that space get’s divided by the number of subs that are going in there. Since all of our boxes are made to order, and typically customized to your needs, this way we can show what the options are possible with the total room available.

And mounting depth is based off of a 6″ diameter magnet on the subwoofer. If the magnet is smaller, then we will have more mounting depth available. And if it’s a wider magnet, less room is available. Most of our boxes have angled faces, so that is why the magnet size is so important to mounting depth. 8s will have way more room than 12s, because the space of the box where they will go will be lower and larger than what a 12 will. So we try and give that information for you to compare your equipment to.

Every vehicle has it’s own challenges, and we try to get the most space out of every vehicle that we can, but sometimes there are limits to what is possible.