Hands free/ Bluetooth and IPod

One feature that many vehicles are still missing out on from the factory is hands-free phone/Bluetooth/iPod connectivity. Hands-free phone is quickly becoming mandatory and is a major safety concern. With a hands-free Bluetooth phone kit, fumbling for your ringing phone while driving becomes a thing of the past. Many Bluetooth phone kits also allow hands free calling with voice commands and phone book transfers to the unit.

Many vehicles are also lacking iPod connectivity. While some new cars come with an AUX jack on the front of the radio for flexibility, many vehicles have the capability of adding iPod control to the factory radio so that the existing controls can control the iPod. This means no more cords hanging off of the dash, no more iPod battery dying while on a road trip, and no more wireless FM transmitters that never work. You can still use your factory steering wheel controls to control the iPod, you’ll have better sound, and you’ll eliminate those messy cables hanging all over your dash. Some Bluetooth systems will even allow audio from your phone or MP3 player to play through the stereo system wirelessly. With this function, not only is your music library available, but so is Pandora or other internet radio services, all through your factory radio!