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NET Audio Bumps

The NET Audio Sub Box Bump options are a great way to add some more mounting depth to the box without sacrificing the integrity of the sub box by making a weak spot. Other box manufacturers will offer an extension by using 1/8″ wood over the box cutout and I have installed those boxes in customers trucks only to have that piece of wood break loose and rattle and make the box leak air.

At NET Audio, we offer nothing but the finest and strongest sub boxes and we have come up with 3 different box extensions that will give you extra room without sacrificing anything.

Double Steel & Wooden Bump The Double Bump is a combination of the Single Bump and the Metal Bump. A single wooden bump is used in conjunction with the metal bump in order to gain 1 1/2″ of mounting depth while only taking up the regular 3/4″ of space like the normal Single Bump does.
Single Wooden Bump The Single Bump is the most basic and is a simple 3/4″ wooden bump that is glued, nailed and the caulked just like every other joint on the box so it is as strong as any other part of the box. This bump does stick out from the top of the box so it is only available for certain vehicles but it is a very cost effective way to add 3/4″ more of mounting depth.
Single Steel Bump The Metal Bump is a NET Audio special. I needed a way to add more mounting depth to trucks whose seat bottom is metal or plastic and does not allow a traditional bump to fit. The Metal Bump is a 7″ round disc made from 16ga steel that is powder coated in a textured black finish in house . The disc is then screwed to the box and then sealed on the inside and allows for an added 3/4″ of mounting depth without sticking out from the back of the box. The finish is durable and the steel is more than strong enough to hold up to the pressures inside the box.


Carpet Samples

NET_Audio_Trunk_LinerTrunk Liner NET_Audio_Tan Tan NET_Audio_RedRed NET_Audio_Light_GrayLight Gray
NET_Audio_Dark_GrayDark Gray NET_Audio_BlueBlue NET_Audio_BlackBlack