2005-2013 Chevy Corvette Sub Box C6 Sealed


2005-2013 Chevy Corvette Sub Box C6 Sealed

­The Chevy Corvette C6 has great style and performance, but it is lacking in the stereo department. This box fits up against the backs of the front seats and was designed with a low profile to keep it as unobtrusive as possible. The box is 1.72cuft of airspace and will allow 8s or 10s up to 6″ deep and a 12 up to 5 5/8″ deep.

The one pictured had a built-in amp rack, but the standard box will not have that. The vinyl and embroidered logo are extra and is not standard, regular carpet is, but the logo can be added if interested. This was originally built for a Z06, but storage for the hard top will still work. If there is anything that you would like to see for your car, feel free to contact me. This box will not work with convertible Corvettes.

This is a sealed subwoofer box. A sealed subwoofer box has a tight and punchy bass that is more articulate and truer to the music with a more natural sound. For customers who want louder deeper bass with the lower bass more pronounced, a ported box is what you want. Because of the ported design, the bass will not be as tight and punchy, but there is double the bass of a sealed box with the same subs. If big bass is what you want then our ported box will be what you want.

This box is made of 3/4″ MDF and is fully carpeted in matching carpet. The nickel-plated spring-loaded speaker terminals are mounted on the back of the box and the speaker wires are soldered on for a solid and reliable connection.

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2005-2013 Chevy Corvette Sub Box

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Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 40.5 × 15 × 8 in
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