2006-2012 Dodge Ram Mega Cab Sub Box Forwardfire Small


2006-2012 Dodge Ram Mega Cab Sub Box Forwardfire Small

In 2006, Dodge decided that people want to use their trucks for work. So, to accommodate, they made the truck bigger by giving it more space behind the seat for tools and storage. Now for a stereo guy like me, the first thing that came to my mind was “Finally a truck with room for a killer stereo.” This design for the 2006-2012 Dodge Ram Mega Cab is for the truck guys who want some serious sound form the space behind the back seats. This design sits on top of the rear storage behind the seats and still allows you to access the small door on the floor storage bin since it is only 39” long. It has 1.3cuft of airspace and still allows the rear seat to recline. It has 6 3/4″ of mounting depth on the passenger side which is great for one regular sub. On the driver side of the box, there is a recess for the bulge that is on the back wall, and this bulge takes up quite a bit of mounting depth. So, if you want more than one sub then shallow mounted subs are the only option. This box is big enough to hold up to three 8s or 10s even two 12s will fit when shallow subs are used. It has a wide range of options possible so fell free to ask me if you have a special request and I can get it done for you. This box requires you to unclip the storage hooks from the rear wall on the passenger side in order for the box to fit in flush against the rear wall.

This is a sealed subwoofer box. A sealed subwoofer box has a tight and punchy bass that is more articulate and truer to the music with a more natural sound. For customers who want louder deeper bass with the lower bass more pronounced. Because of the ported design, the bass will not be as tight and punchy, but there is double the bass of a sealed box with the same subs. If big bass is what you want then our ported box will be what you want.

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2013-2018 Dodge Ram Mega Cab Sub Box Forwardfire Small

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We use Stinger wire on all of our boxes.
Acoustic stuffing will make the enclosure sound like it is in a larger airspace. It will give your woofer a little deeper of a tone, but will also take away a little from the upper bass. If our enclosure is a little small on the airspace needed for the woofers, then we would recommend the acoustic fill.
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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 39.375 × 8.5 × 17 in
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