Remote Start and Security

Remote starts are very popular in areas where it gets below freezing for more than two months of the year, but here in Texas they are handy during the summer months to help cool the car off before you and your kids (or wife!) get in. Another great use for Diesel and other turbo-charged vehicles, a remote start can be used as a turbo cool-down timer.

Vehicle security is also a very important feature to keep in mind, especially if any sort of upgrades have been made to your vehicle. Most vehicles from the factory do not have security systems even if they have keyless entry, and if they do have security it is typically the bare minimum. Aftermarket car alarms will protect the doors, trunk, ignition, and hood, and will have an impact sensor that can even detect breaking glass or if the vehicle is being lifted up. The biggest part of any security system is the installation. At NET Audio we go to great lengths to make sure that the installation of every security system is done to the highest standards. All connections are soldered and the system is concealed so that any would-be thieves will not be able to see the security system under the dash and disable it. After market security is the best investment you can make on your vehicle and it needs to be done correctly for it to work to the fullest.