Subwoofers can be a touchy subject with most people. When customers come in wanting a serious upgrade in sound, once a subwoofer is mentioned some shy away from it. Most people associate subwoofers with loud, boomy bass and rattling cars. That is not the way it has to be. For good quality sound reproduction, which is our preference at NET Audio, a subwoofer is a must. All that is typically needed is a single 8” or 10” sub and a few hundred watts to make all the difference in the way your stereo sounds.

A properly designed and installed subwoofer should blend into the background and all but disappear with the music. A sub is more than a speaker, it is really a subwoofer system. A subwoofer should be set up to be dedicated to doing nothing but playing the absolute lowest frequencies in the audio spectrum. That means it is that much more important that the sub is installed properly for it to do what it is intended to do and perform an its fullest. The proper sub box and placement in your vehicle make all the difference in the world as to how that sub is going to perform and sound in your car. The type of enclosure the sub is in greatly changes the way the speaker sounds, so it should be designed for the type of music you listen to and the type of sound you enjoy. Sometimes certain challenges come about from the vehicle’s space limitations. Then it is that much more important to make sure that the subwoofer looks like it belongs and is secure while still sounding great.

Let us show you a demonstration of the difference in the way your music sounds with and without a sub, and you will easily see the importance it makes in your music listening experience.