Dodge Ram Door Speaker Harness


Dodge Ram Door Speaker Harness

This is a Dodge Ram Door Speaker Harness for the 02-up Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks that greatly simplifies the installation of new door speakers in your Dodge Ram.

Customers always worry about cutting into the wiring of their brand new trucks, and I get that completely! And that’s exactly what this piece allows you to do.

Speaker replacement is always high on the list when an audio upgrade is mentioned and these harnesses make that job much easier. The speakers in the new Rams aren’t bad, but they definitely leave room for improvement. This plug in, pre-wired harness just plugs into the factory speaker plug and identifies the positive and negative speaker wires, so no more guessing. Getting the speaker wires backwards may not seem like a big deal because the speaker still moves, but it is moving backwards from the other speakers and you will loose mids and bass, this is called being out of phase. This harness eliminates the guessing and makes sure that your new speakers will sound like they are supposed to. Additionally, if you sale or trade trucks, you can easily re-install the factory speakers and take your new, better sounding speakers, onto the next vehicle.

These harnesses are for the door speakers. Front and rear. Alpine or Base audio. And they even fit the subwoofer terminals of the subwoofer inside the box, if you are swapping that out.

If you have questions about if this is what you need, feel free to contact us.

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